What We Do

Early childhood development, child and youth care in centres, foster care, safe home, child protection, preventative and therapeutic programmes, empowerment of teenagers and mothers and fathers, family care, root enquire, community programmes such as empowerment, skills development, poverty eradication, HIV programmes, employee health and wellness, aged care in homes, housing, luncheon clubs, home support services, etc. 

Projects are usually presented in the short term and include the following: 

Awareness campaigns, feeding schemes, child protection week, Tekkie Tax, Mandela Day, the celebration of specific national and international days such as Youth Day, holiday projects, campaigns for older persons, and 16 Days of activism against the abuse of women and children. 

How Does A

Service Management Function

The service management function on a voluntary base to plan, organise, lead and control an essential SAVF service. The management bears the responsibility to promote the service by means of fundraising and other actions in order to make the service viable as far as possible. 


To render social services as a national welfare organisation to individuals and families 
within the community in order to empower them to improve their quality of life. 


SAVF creates hope in people with social needs.

savf credo

The SAVF believes in the dignity and potential of every human being.
As part of the SAVF, I strive to serve my fellow men. 
Together and in trusting faith, we shape the future.

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