Practical Tasks

The undermentioned is a list in which volunteers can become involved
kindly indicate your preference(s).

1. Office and administration work

2. Serve on the management of a project

3. Involvement with organisational tasks

4. Serve on committees

5. Typing

6. Transition - Afrikaans to English

7. Proof-reading

8. Cultural activities

9. Orientation / initiation of new volunteer

10. Organising of gatherings / clubs / service centres

11. Organise larger functions

12. Catering

13. Assist with feeding aid projects

14. Purchasing for functions or individuals

15. Assist in transportation

16. Visits to clients / elderly

17. Administration of allowances

18. Personal support of a child

19. Assistance with holiday programmes

20. Taking groups of people on excursions

21. Reading to the sick / elderly

22. Serve as foster parents

23. Serve as place of safety


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